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Name Description Price
ALOE VERA & LAVENDER The multifarious properties of Aloe Vera are combined with French Lavender essential oil. Av wt. 110g. £3.75
BERGAMOT & SWEET ORANGE A sublime combination of fragrances, deliciously sweet and citrus, clean and feminine. Av wt 110g. £3.75
CHOCOLATE Strictly no calories in this yummy soap. Made with organic cocoa, the rich chocolate colour and smell make this a firm favourite with chocoholics everywhere. Av wt 110g. £3.75
ESPECIALLY FOR WOMEN with added Calendula Soap designed for women! Geranium and orange essential oils are combined with calendula oil to create soap with extra moisturising properties. Av wt 110g. £3.75
FLOWERS OF AN ENGLISH GARDEN The unique scente of the English Rose and equally English Lavender are combined in this fragrance reminiscent of a summer garden. Av wt 110g. £3.75
FOR GENTLEMEN A refined, light fragrance most suitable for a gentleman. A blend of Cedarwood and Rosewood essential oil for sensitive male skin. Av wt 110g. £3.75
FRANKINCENSE & MYRRH Spicy and sweet, but not floral - this is the elusive and mysterious perfume of Egypt. Highly regarded for healing and curative properties, these essential oils have been highly prized since ancient times. Av wt 100g. £3.75
GARDENERS HAND SCRUB The oils of Lavender, Rosemary and Sage are combined to produce a clean herbal fragrance, which is antiseptic and stimulating. The addition of oatmeal makes this a deep cleansing bar. Good to have around the house and a wonderful gift for a gardening friend. Av wt 100g. £3.75
GERANIUM WITH AVACADO OIL Soap design with luxury in mind! Geranium essential oil is combied with the gentle emollient properties of Avocado oil to produce soap with extra special moisturising properties. Ideal for pampering the skin in any weather. Av wt 110g. £3.75
GOATS MILK AND JASMINE Made with fresh Goats' Milk to nourish, soften and cherish the skin. Lightly fragranced with Jasmine, this soap is highly moisturising and suits delicate skin conditions! Av wt 110g. £3.75
HONEY AND LAVENDER A beautiful combination of soothing and gentle honey and fragrant English Lavender. A treat for the skin. Av wt 110g. £3.75
HONEY & OATMEAL Both gentle and mild, the properties of honey and oatmeal combine to produce a softening and soothing skin treat. Delicately fragranced with a hint of flowers. Av wt 110g. £3.75
JASMINE FLOWER Luxurious heady scent - evocative of balmy summer evenings and the flowery aire of the wonderful golden Jasmine. Av wt 110g. £3.75
LAVENDER Gentle and relaxing, the properties of Lavender are well known. William Yardley of Surrey first added the essence of Lavender to his soap in the late 17th Century! The fragrance evokes the quintessential English summer (without the rain!). Av wt 110g. £3.75
LAVENDER & LAVENDER FLOWER One of the most luxurious and popular bars in our range! This bar is based upon the ethos of the Medieval "Flowry Mead" with its powers to induce tranquility and relaxation. This soap contains Lavender petals which act as a gentle exfoliate. Av wt 110g. £3.75
LAVENDER LEMON & JASMINE The much-loved Lavender fragrance is given a delicate twist. A refreshing bar, made luxurious by the addition of Lemon oil and beautiful golden Jasmine. Av wt 100g. £3.75
LEMONGRASS This soft exotic oil makes a wonderful 'buttery lemony' soap. Uplifting and a real tonic! Universally appealing - this soap has the Feel Good Factor. Av wt 110g. £3.75
NORTHUMBRIAN The soap to celebrate the beauty of our home county! Lavender essential oil is combined with Northumberland Heather Honey. Subtly wrapped in black and white evoking our strong Northumbrian heritage. Av wt 110g. £3.75
PATCHOULI Spicy, evocative and exotic - reminiscent of Joss Sticks and Flower Power. Patchouli oil is derived from a type of grass. Believed to be stimulating and uplifting. Av wt 110g. £3.75
ROSE Tradtional "Cottage Garden" English Rose fragrance is added to our luxury soap recipe. This soap is scented with quality fragrance oil. Av wt 110g. £3.75
ROSE AND GERANIUM The addition of Geranium to our luxury Rose Soap has produced a feminine and unique product, further enhanced by the additon of locally picked Rose Petals. Av wt 110g. £3.75
ROSEMARY WITH ACACIA HONEY The strong distinctive oil of Rosemary is combined with the soft notes of Acacia Honey. Slightly astringent and highly aromatic. Av wt 110g. £3.75
SWEET ORANGE AND ALMOND OIL Ideal for all weather. This gentle and moisturising soap cleanses, soothes and nourishes the skin. Its soft Orange scent is both relaxing and uplifting. Av wt 110g. £3.75
TEA TREE Earthy, leathery and antiseptic. Tea Tree has been used for centuries by the indigenous people of Australia for its antiseptic and healing qualities. Especially useful for skin conditions such as acne and oily skin. Av wt 110g. £3.75
UNSCENTED Just our pure luxury soap with nothing added or taken away - as simple as that! Av wt 110g. £3.75
WOODLAND POSY The sweet scent of the shy woodland Violet combined with the subtlety of the Rose is reminiscent of the times when days were long and pleasures were simple. Av wt 110g. £3.75
REPLENISH SKIN BAR Extra special moisturising and nourishing bar containing exotic Argan, Moringa and Rosehip oils, combining with the divine perfume of Rose and Neroli to produce a luxury bar that helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Av wt 110g. £4.95

Other Products

Name Description Price
BOW WOW BATHTIME ESPECIALLY FOR DOGS Formulated with Tea Tree, Citronella and Lavender, discourages fleas (they do not like the smell). This gentle soap leaves our best friend's coat fragrant and glossy. Av wt 35g. £1.50
Lip Balms Available in chocolate, orange & bergamot, peppermint and strawberry. Blended from pure oils, waxes and butters to moisturize and protect lips. Tastes good too £2.50
Frankincense & Myrrh Face Cream 50gm Rich moisturiser for mature skin. Frankincense and Myrrh added to soothe, condition and refine £5.50
Rose & Lavender Face Cream 50gm Rich moisturiser lightly fragranced with lavender and rose, and containing rose hip oil to soothe, condition and refine £5.50
Body Balm 40gm a blend of pure oils, waxes and butters lightly fragranced with jasmine. Soothing and emollient for dry skin £4.50
Gardeners Hand Salve 40gm Rich and moisturising salve containing lavender and tea tree essential oils healing, soothing and deeply moisturising for hardworking cracked and dry skin £5.00
Gents Shaving oil in dropper bottle 50g Refreshing outdoor fragrance containing rosewood and cedarwood essential oils £4.50
Ladies Shaving Oil in aluminium flask 50g Especially 4 women fragrance a delicious blend of orange, bergamot and calendula oils to moisturise skin and reduce razor burn and minimise ingrown hairs £5.50
Soap dish set soap, handmade bamboo washcloth, soap stone soap dish) finished with toning ribbon £6.00
Lavender bag & soap   £4.50
Chickweed balm for itchy skin 40g An infusion of chickweed in sweet almond oil, blended with pure waxes and butters. lavender and tea tree essential oils added to relieve itching £5.00
Eze Breathe aromatherapy vapour rub 40g Eucalyptus, peppermint, lavender and tea tree blended together to soothe and relieve tickly coughs. £5.00
Large Lavender Bag   £3.00

Please Note

Studley Cottage Soaps have been successfully used on a range of skin types but please remember to test them on your own skin, and discontinue use if you experience any discomfort.


Made in Northumberland