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  1. Are Studley Cottage Soaps Natural?

    Yes - they are made from primary oils, and fragranced with essential oils (rose soap is fragranced with perfume oil). No artificial colours are added.

  2. Are Studley Cottage Soaps free from animal products?

    Yes - your soap contains no animal products and is not tested on animals.

  3. Are the soaps suitable for people with sensitive skins?

    Studley Cottage Soap is a gentle soap but each person's skin is different. Check ingredients and try on your own skin. Discontinue use if any discomfort is experienced.

  4. Do you offer mail order?

    Yes - soap can be despatched anywhere in the country. A fee of 2.00 is charged for orders under 14.75. P&P is free for orders over 14.75 (5 soaps).

  5. Does the soap last a long time?

    Yes - many of our customers comment on the longevity of our soap, it is not re-formed like industrially produced soap.

  6. What is the shelf life?

    We recommend you use your soap within 12 months. It is best enjoyed as a 'fresh product' and should be stored in moderate temperatures out of direct sunlight.
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